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"My husband and I feel so thankful for the support that we received from Megan Edgington before, during and after the birth of our son.  The time that she spent with us before he was born truly took my anxiety about the birth process away.  She has a calming presence about her that makes you feel safe and heard when it comes to the hopes you have for your birthing experience.  During my long labor, Megan's words and encouragement empowered me and made me feel strong and capable.  She supported me both physically and mentally and she worked along side my husband so that he could be connected with me throughout our experience. She also took photos during the labor and birth of our son that we will cherish forever. My postpartum experience was tough in the beginning and Megan was there with empathy and encouragement.  She was a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on (literally). We are forever thankful to Megan for the TLC we received from her and we would highly recommend her to anyone that is seeking support, empowerment and encouragement throughout their birthing experience." - Briana K.



"My husband and I were expecting our first child in December 2015. We were hoping to have a natural birth in the hospital setting. At the suggestion of our midwife, we sought out Megan to be our birth doula and we are so happy we did! We met with Megan several times before birth. She helped us create a birth plan and get mentally prepared for delivery and postpartum life. When our guess date came and went with no sign of baby arriving anytime soon, Megan went above and beyond to provide me with the extra support and encouragement that I needed to get through that mentally challenging time. When our little guy did finally decide to make his arrival, Megan provided us with incredible physical and emotional support during labor. She provided me with words of encouragement and massaged my neck and shoulders to help me relax during

contractions. She also encouraged my husband to take care of his needs during our labor and

stayed by my side so that he could step out from time to time. Megan is an absolutely lovely

person and we felt so comfortable working with her. Her precense was so calming and I cannot

imagine our birth without her!" - Erin V.



"Megan was our doula for the birth of our baby girl in January 2015. We couldn't be happier or

more thankful that she was there supporting us! Megan was the first doula we met with and

from that initial meeting, I knew we had found the perfect match for us! We met a couple times

within the last few months of my guess date at our home. Megan is a great listener and so kind,

but also such a supportive and encouraging person to have as we navigated the world of

pregnancy and labor. After every meeting, my husband and I talked about how excited we were

to have her helping us, but also how much her support and guidance was so comforting, especially

during a time that can be so overwhelming.

I gave birth at St. Josephs hospital in St. Paul and Megan met us there almost immediately after we

arrived. During labor Megan was completely irreplacable. Navigating labor is a scary thing,

especially for first time parents, so having her there made everything a little less intimidating.

Megan was so supportive and calming throughout the process of labor me for - massaging my

back and body, making sure I was staying hydrated, and speaking words of encouragement

through each contraction. For my husband, he was grateful to have the extra support, especially

when it was just the 3 of us in the room. Megan brought a whole arsenal of goodies including essential oils and no-flame candles which made the room such a calm environment - something that is hard to find in a hospital setting.

Having Megan as our doula changed the course of our birth in such a positive way, I couldn't imagine going through all of it wihtout her. She is honestly one of the kindest human beings we have ever met and feel so fortunate to have had her support along this journey! We most certainly will be contacting

her for our next birth and reccommending her to our friends and family as well!" - Claire T.



"How could we have ever done this without Megan?!?!  After attending prenatal classes both at our hospital and through the Childbirth Collective, we decided that we needed the support of a Doula to help us through our delivery. Megan's two prenatal visits not only answered a lot of our questions but made us feel more at ease.  When it was discovered at 35 weeks that our baby was breech, Megan volunteered her time outside of the standard appointments to help us with flipping techniques, took us to a pool to help with water flipping, recommended an accupuncturist and even attended our ECV (External Cephalic Version) procedure. She truly went above and beyond in every way to help us!

When the time came and our baby was still breech, Megan came to the hospital at 3:00am to support us through the surgery. While it's commonly known that Doulas provide support during long and strenuous labor, she was invaluable during our C-Section. While Dad was with baby, Megan stayed with Mom the whole time and provided amazing emotional support! After we arrived home from the hospital, Megan checked in by visiting, through texts and e-mails and was always available. She provided books, advice and other resources to help the new parents settle into life at home with a newborn. Megan is caring, knowledgable, down-to-earth and an all around wonderful person! We highly recommend you allow Megan into your lives during this special time!"

 - Anastasia & Danny W. 

"Birth is such a natural raw experience unlike anything else. Its one of those moments you dream about and play out in your head over and over for months maybe even years. While its important to share that experience with your partner it's also vital that you have all the birthing tools to have the best experience possible. I decided I wanted a doula against the wishes of everyone around me. It was the best decision I ever made. I followed my own intuition and after I initially met Megan, I knew it was going to be a great adventure. The personal bond you make with your doula for me was so deep a connection, and because of that moment, I will never forget her the rest of my life. My birth experience was traumatic for me. It went nothing like I had thought it would. It was my third baby (after a surprise breech at 7 cm with a cesarean and a successful vbac with epidural) and the first mostly unmediated one. I'm not lying when I say that Megan took 50% of the pain magically away for the first half of my labor… Other than the obvious joy of my daughter being born, Megan was the only positive thing that day. I can't imagine ever doing that again without her. I was very traumatized over how everything played out. She just stood next to me with a smile and told me over and over how great and amazing I did. Regardless that I was sure I just scared her out of this profession by screaming so loud. What I thought was an awful experience she helped transform into a beautiful positive one. My husband and mother were there and afterwards they looked at Megan in a new light. She was like an angel sent from heaven just for us. She was unwavering in her support. She never left my side and kept me sane. I feel like we were warriors together and in a way I guess we were. I didn't expect for it to be that way but it was. I don't think I will choose another natural childbirth if I have another child but regardless I would have her there in a heartbeat. My husband and I tell everyone we know how amazing it was to have Megan be a part of our delivery. I can’t describe how irreplaceable she was for me in that process. She is a natural at this and has found her calling in life and her love for the birthing process and her admiration for the mother shows. I can't ever thank her enough." - Faydra H.
"I gave birth at St. Joseph's Hospital, and was informed of a volunteer doula program they offer. My mom and fiancé were in the room with me helping me through my contractions, which were getting very intense by the time Megan arrived. I don't know what we would have done without Megan. With this being my first child, my mom, fiancé and I were all in brand new territory. Megan helped me breathe through the contractions and massaged my back and hips throughout the contractions as well. She was there to get me whatever I needed and was so supportive. It was so reassuring to have her there helping me and talking me through the pain. I had a morphine sleep aid early in my labor and an epidural around 8 a.m. She stayed from about 3 a.m. until about 7 or 8 p.m. after I had my son at 5:30 p.m. She was so wonderful; I don't know what I would have done without her. Megan was fun to talk to and very personable. She checked in on me the day after I had my son as well, and called me a week after the birth to see how everything was going. It felt so great to have someone to talk to and relate to about my birth and breast-feeding. I would definitely recommend her as a doula, she is amazing."  – Olivia R.
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