Placenta Encapsulation

As a Certified Placenta Specialist, I enjoy offering this service to birthing families. People frequently ask what the benefits and risks are

and why I would recommend such an odd practice. The research thus far is mostly anecdotal but many report:


  • an increase in milk supply 

  • faster healing time 

  • increased energy during postpartum

  • better moods

  • increase in iron store levels

  • among others!

Cultures throughout the world have been preparing and ingesting the placenta for centuries. Here in the U.S., many people have been using this fascinating and healthful organ since the 50s and 60s. Though there has been some pushback from the mainstream medical world, here, in the Twin Cities, you'll find that many providers and hospitals are supportive of this practice. 

Here are a few studies that have recently been released:

Effects of Human Maternal Placentophagy on Maternal Postpartum Iron Status

Presence and concentration of 17 hormones in human placenta processed for encapsulation and consumption

Notes from the Field: Late-Onset Infant Group B Streptococcus Infection Associated with Maternal Consumption of Capsules Containing Dehydrated Placenta — Oregon, 2016

Group B Strep and Placenta Encapsulation Safety

You can check out and for more specific information and to learn more about the various preparation methods you have to choose from.


Encapsulation fees range from $200 for my birth doula families to about $300 for all the "bells and whistles".

You'll also receive a complimentary Postpartum Sitz Bath.

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