Hello! Welcome to Intuitive Momma! My name is Megan Edgington and I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and Certified Placenta Specialist. I pride myself in being a native Wisconsin gal and, naturally, an avid beer lover. I have a passion for all things foodie and enjoy spending time in my kitchen creating delicious meals (and treats) for family and friends. I love finding new ways to care for myself and family through natural means and believe that a healthy lifestyle is so important to overall health and wellness. I am also a mother to one very active seven year old girl. It was her birth that brought me into this amazing world of pregnancy, birth and babies. 
In preparation... I attending a Bradley Method Childbirth series. My mind was blown as I learned more about this journey than I ever thought possible. After learning about the role of a doula, I decided to ask a friend who was beginning her doula journey to support me and my partner. I still cannot thank her enough for walking along side of us as I birthed our sweet baby girl. 
After spending my maternity leave at home snuggling and loving and bonding with little A, I just could not imagine leaving this all to someone else so I left my cooking career behind and began to wonder if the birthing world was where I belonged. As I did some research and talked with friends and family, I quickly realized this was a fantastic move for me! What with my interest in women's health and wellness, nutrition, and now everything birthy, it was a perfect fit. 
I attended my DONA Birth Doula training in January of 2014 and haven't looked back! Since then I have added a number of other trainings and certifications to my "doula bag." I am a Blooma Certified Placenta Preparer, Certified HypnoBirthing Birth Attendant, trained in Spinning Babies from the amazing Gail Tully, and have attended a Birthing From Within workshop; and have been teaching Holistic Childbirth Education to families for the last couple years. It is truly a joy to spend time with couples as they are empowering themselves and preparing for their little ones to arrive. 
In 2014, I spent about a year supporting families birth as a volunteer for the Twin Cities Doula Project. In addition to all these things, I have been an active & associate member of The Childbirth Collective, a local non-profit organization here in the Twin Cities that hosts donation-based parent topic nights twice a week and a whole slew of other events throughout the year. The Collective is also a huge part of my support system, both professionally and personally. What with being a group of amazing doulas and other birthing professionals... I would love to tell you more about any and all of these organizations but we can save that for when we meet!
Throughout my journey, I have learned so much from the trainings I have attended, but nothing compares to the experience of being a witness to the birth of new parents and babies. I am in awe each time a baby emerges into this world, be it vaginally or via cesarean, the changes are overwhelming. Birthing people have taught me the importance of patience and love, in birth and in life. I believe that each person has their own innate knowledge of how to birth their baby and given the time, space, and loving support, they can do so without interventions, or at least very few. Of course, there are exceptions to this because sometimes baby has other plans. But by helping families to remain open and calm throughout whatever their birth throws at them, they can make informed, thoughtful decisions and keep their birth space a calm, loving, safe place to transform. 
The unknowns of birth is one of the greatest reasons the support of a doula is so immensely important for families, no matter if they've been through this before or they are brand new to the experience. I enjoy working with all types of families in discovering what their vision is for their birth and helping them find the resources they need to make this transition as smooth as life will allow it. 
Blessings to you on your journey!