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Birth Doula Support
Investment: $2200**
~ Sliding fee available for
 families who need it ~

Before Your Birthing Time

  • We will meet 1-3 times for about 1-3 hours each to:

    • ​Discuss your options and preferences around support during your birth and post-birth time 

    • Process fears as they emerge

    • Practice comfort techniques & positioning 

    • Go over educational and informational resources for pregnancy and postpartum

  • Unlimited phone and email support

  • Megan is on-call for your birthing time from about 37 weeks until your baby arrives 

  • We will plan a time for an unwinding session in your home near or after your guess date if you wish. Additional sessions are available, see details below. 

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During Your Birth

  • Megan is available by phone/text until you are ready for her physical presence. 

  • She can offer emotional and informational support for you and your partner, or birth support person, throughout your birthing time; physical support through the use of non-pharacological comfort measures, acupressure and other relaxation tools; facilitate communication between you and your care team if and when needed. 

  • Immediately postpartum, Megan will be by your side to hold space for you and your little one to transition together, initiate feeding and bonding, for about 2 hours. 

  • Photograph moments with your camera or phone if desired

After the Birth

  • Continued phone/text support after your little one arrives. Clients can reach out to Megan with questions or support needs as you navigate the early days and weeks. (Additional in-person post-birth support is available for families who request it. See below.)

  • Enjoy soaking in Healing Herbal Sitz Bath herbs or use the tea in your peri-bottle. Megan mixes these herself!

  • We will find a time for a postpartum visit within a couple weeks to check in on all of the new transitions and process your birth together. 

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​​Additional Support

Post Birth Support - $40/hour for daytime support; $70/hour for overnight support

  • The first year following your birth is a space with ever-changing needs, from all aspects of life and relationship. Without knowing what those exact needs might be at any given time, the support of a doula can help you navigate this transition with greater ease. Just like in birth, we will create a plan together and adapt as needed. 

  • As you get settled into the fourth trimester, Megan will be there to provide emotional, physical, and informational support. Whether it's cooking up some delicious food or helping you with latching/feeding or filling the tub for you to get a sitz bath soak in, Megan can be there as you figure out how to care for yourself and your family in this new phase of life. 

  • Overnight support allows you and your family an easier night of sleep. Megan arrives at or close to bedtime to take over care tasks as needed so you can get some much needed and deserved rest. This is an 8 hour support window beginning at 9p, 10p, or 11p. If bodyfeeding, Megan will bring baby(ies) to you when needed and help transition them back to sleep after feedings. 

 Myofascial Unwinding in Birth - $150 for a 2 hour session

  • Invite Megan into your birthing space for a session of unwinding. Myofascial unwinding invites your body to spontaneously react to touch and gentle pressure, allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to relax your body and your central nervous system to respond in an easier more relaxed way. Over the years we have learned that our fascia can become twisted from repetitive movements and positions, or injury and other issues. Birthing a babe will often shine light on those twists and tightnesses that we have grown accustomed to and so some gentle unwinding and settling can encourage the body to let go of its hold and bring baby into your arms. 

  • Reserve an appointment on Megan's calendar around your estimated due date for a session, or have your birth team get in touch with her when needed with an additional $300 on-call deposit. It is helpful to know you a little bit beforehand if you're looking for on-call support, so we will plan for a 30-45 minute zoom call, ideally before 37 weeks. This is not absolutely necessary so please reach out if you're at all curious or in labor looking for more support. 


** It is my sincere wish that every person who wants a doula has one. If cost is a barrier for you, please reach out. Intuitive Momma is able to accommodate payment plans, arrange for barter, and can support a few families each year on a sliding fee scale. **


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