** In this unprecedented time, education around the journey of birth and postpartum is crucial. Becoming an informed parent will help you to navigate this unfamiliar space with greater ease and trust in both yourself as a birther and in your care provider.

Intuitive Momma is dedicated to keeping you and your growing family safe at home. Until further notice, all classes will be held online via Zoom. **

Birth & Postpartum Education 

Investment: $395

The childbirth education series I attended during pregnancy is what lit my fiery passion for birth. Since then, I have added several other trainings to my repertoire and built a class with my favorite bits and pieces from them all. During these 5 weeks, we will discuss a plethora of topics in a fun and relaxed environment. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How to prepare your body, mind, baby, and family for birth

  • Comfort and relaxation techniques, as well as labor positions, for a more enjoyable birthing experience

  • What labor looks like when it is left alone & common interventions and medications you are likely to encounter here in the Twin Cities

  • How to prepare for and work through postpartum and the huge transition into parenthood 

  • Breastfeeding: how to get off to a good start, the emotions that come along with it, and where to find the best resources for you and baby 

  • For partners: how to support your birthing person through the many changes from pregnancy and beyond!

It is my sincere hope that you leave this class feeling empowered and ready to birth your baby and to enter into parenthood with that same feeling. Research tells us that families who know their options are that much more likely to receive the kind of care they truly need. Come, learn what those options are, and feel ready to have a better start! 

Next series begins... November

Contact me to reserve your spot. In order to allow for adequate attention to each family's needs, class sizes are limited to 4 families per series.

Upcoming Series:

Connect with me for further details & our 2021 classes. 

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Private Classes - $495

Personalized, private classes can be arranged upon request,  allowing you to have flexibility with the course schedule. We will follow a similar outline and have the opportunity to focus on topics that you're most interested in or are most needed for your journey. 

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