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A perk of hiring a doula, is having access to her never-ending list of resources in the Twin Cities and beyond! This list is ever evolving so if there's something you want to know more about or cannot find, let me know! 

- Megan



Books I Love


Start and end your pregnancy with Ina May's empowering birth stories. They will help calm your nerves and remind you that your body is made to give birth and your body and baby are working together.

Ina May’s Guide to ChildbirthIna May Gaskin

Anytime a partner is feeling uneasy or simply wants more information I recommend this book. It's a great starting place with so many helpful hints to help the birther find new positions to labor and birth in, and much, much more!

The Birth PartnerPenny Simkin


Wonderful breastfeeding resource to read as you're bonding with your new baby those first few weeks. 

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding – Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Teresa Pitman (La Leche League)

This is my new favorite books. I wish I could give it out to every pregnant person I meet because it's that awesome!

Enchanted Lives, Magical Beginnings - Deepak Chopra 

Many parents want to have some sort of resource about baby's first year or two, aside from the internet. This book will help empower you to listen to your intuition about your baby and ask for guidance or identify something that is completely normal. The Baby Book - By the Sears family of Doctors 

Sleep. Will you ever be able to again? YES! Of course you will! There are a number of great sleep books out there. This is La Leche League's newest addition, specifically focusing on the breastfeeding duo. Sweet Sleep - Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith, and Teresa Pitman



Websites to check out:


Balancing, physically and emotionally 

Spinning Babies

Mama Aligned – Restorative Exercise™ 

Discussions to have before getting pregnant 




Healthy pregnancy starts with the food you eat! Outside of eating healthy, it is also important to be ingesting enough of the important food groups especially protein, calcium, iron, and folic acid. The Brewer Diet encourages ingeseting about 75-100 grams of protein or more a day. This may seem like an awful lot but trust me, as soon as you become aware of the posibilities, you are golden! Even vegetarians can achieve this goal! I recently came across this site and am excited to explore further. 

Breech Resources


Due Dates should be called Guess Dates


Gestational Diabetes

Prenatal Preparation

Preparing Siblings - books

Preparing Siblings for Baby - activities and other resources

Grief and Loss

Grief & Loss Suport Resources

Pregnancy loss is still a birthday



Acupressure Points Videos to Induce Labor


Low Back 


Upper Back and Hands 


Leg and Foot 





Push Until You’re Purple



About Baby


Breast Crawl Video


Baby’s First Hour


Circumcision (be sure to read through the comments)


Co-Sleeping Safely

Erythromycin Eye Ointment


Infant Risk Center


Infants and Sleep





Minnesota Lactation: Connecting Breastfeeding Families to Lactation Experts


Stretches for the Breastfeeding Mother


10 Breastfeeding Tips from Breastfeeding Moms


Breastfeeding Outside of the Box



Cloth Diapering 


Testing & Reviews


Green Mountain Diapers






Laying In - 5/5/5 Rule

Ceserean Recovery - gentle exercises for after birth

Postpartum Anxiety

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support


Postpartum Support

When postpartum depression looks lazy


What a new family needs - Send this to friends and family


Sex and the Postpartum Couple

- How to Guide


- Dry Spell





For those with a sense of humor…





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